MELAW Legal Clinic

The focus of the Legal Clinic will be on the rights of Middle Eastern constituents in the state of Washington and specifically King County. The Legal Clinic will be staffed by volunteer attorneys and support staff who are knowledgeable in the law and how it influences the lives of Middle Easterners in civil rights, employment law, criminal law, family law, and discrimination.

Structure of the Legal Clinic
Currently, the Legal Clinic will be under a “virtual” model. Under this model, individuals may call the phone line at any time of day, any day of the week and leave a message detailing (at a minimum) who they are, how they can be reached in a safe manner, and a general description of the area of law at issue. MELAW will in turn check the voicemail for this phone line on at least a weekly basis and contact the individual. The hope is that there will be a volunteer attorney available to meet the individual’s needs, and we will facilitate a ½ hour consultation between the individual and a volunteer attorney.

How to get in touch
The MELAW number is 206-588-5134. We can only help low-income individuals, and please be patient in
receiving a call back.

Ideas for Growth
MELAW is grateful for any space that a local organization is willing to donate for consultation time for attorneys. Please email if you have any suggestions.

MELAW thanks Stokes Lawrence, P.S. for its contribution of a telephone number and messaging system
for our Legal Clinic.